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Cameron Denny is a Filmmaker from Alaska; he currently resides in California where he spends time with his family being a son, brother, uncle and dad to his dog Bohdi. From a very young age, Cameron has loved movies. Classics like The Usual Suspects, Cool World, any Star Wars, A Star is Born, The Princess Bride, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and anything made by James Cameron or Quentin Tarantino captured his imagination. Cameron started acting at six years old; it is one of his greatest passions. His most significant credit as an actor was in a 2013 film called PAWN; he co-starred alongside Michael Chiklis, Stephen Lang, and Forest Whitaker. Cameron has trained extensively as an actor and writer going to a performing arts schools and taking the summer Film Institute courses at UCLA. Love Interrupted, Cameron's short film that he wrote, directed, and starred in has been nominated for and won multiple awards. Three of Cameron's screenplays have become official selections in a prestigious film festival and each has been nominated for best screenplay. In addition to that, he is also planning and outlining a novel, as well as brainstorming for two different book trilogies. Cameron plans on working in Film and Literature for the rest of his life. There is nothing that makes him happier or fulfills him more. 

Writer / Director / Producer



Pamela Burrus has been a storyteller on the stage, page, and screen for over twenty years. Her first big project was on a Simple Plan directed by Sam Rami, in which she had a small role and was Bridget Fonda's' stand-in. Along with performing in her local theatre companies and her capacity for writing, this experience led her on a journey into the craft of creative storytelling. Pamela was an executive producer on PAWN, a film starring Michael Chiklis, Ray Liotta, and Forest Whitaker. She launched her own theatre company in Minneapolis Minnesota called Purple Crayon Productions and has moved into producing films with her son Cameron Denny. Pamela has worn almost every hat in the industry; she is a multifaceted artist. Pamela currently resides in Southern California, is a new grandma, and works one on one with clients as a healer, life coach, and spiritual teacher. She is proud of her body of work and looks forward to continuing to inspire others with her passion.